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KOHLER Closed-Loop EFI; Standard Equipment On 12 Engines

October 2010

KOHLER, Wis. – October 2010 – Kohler Engines today announced the availability of its Command PRO® closed-loop, electronic fuel injection (EFI) engines. Standard equipment on 12 KOHLER Command PRO model engines (horizontal and vertical PTO shaft) ranging from 19 to 29 horsepower, KOHLER closed-loop EFI helps deliver significant fuel savings, improved performance and reduced emissions. An early innovator with EFI technology, Kohler first introduced EFI technology to the small engine market in the mid-1990s and today is the only manufacturer offering closed-loop EFI engines to the commercial turf and outdoor power equipment market.

“Kohler Engines understands the critical importance of fuel efficiency in the commercial turf industry, as well as for anyone making their livelihood with outdoor power equipment. With Kohler’s closed-loop EFI models, depending on the application, end users can realize up to 25 percent fuel efficiency savings,” said Cam Litt, manager – marketing, Kohler Engines. “In addition to bottom-line benefits, Kohler Engines developed its Command PRO EFI models with environmental responsibility in-mind. All KOHLER EFI engines are within EPA phase 3/CARB Tier 3 levels, with extremely low levels of hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxide being produced.”

Kohler Engines Closes the Loop on EFI
In many EFI engines, upon starting it operates in an “open-loop” mode mapped by the electronic control unit (ECU). KOHLER EFI engines include an oxygen sensor that analyzes the air/fuel mixture in the exhaust. If the oxygen level strays from the ideal air/fuel mixture, the sensor triggers adjustments in the ECU map to adjust the amount of fuel injected into the system. KOHLER EFI engines then “close the loop” between the air/fuel intake and the exhaust output to provide a constant stream of critical feedback — and optimal power and fuel economy. The closed-loop advantage also means that only KOHLER EFI engines automatically adapt to all operating conditions.
An additional benefit of the new KOHLER EFI engines is instant load response. Kohler’s exclusive EFI system, developed in partnership with Delphi — a leading global supplier of mobile electronics and transportation systems — allows the engine to respond with peak performance even in the most demanding of applications.  

Legacy KOHLER Command PRO engines and the new Command PRO EFI models have the same physical footprint. As a result, commercial turf and outdoor power equipment manufacturers can drop-in the newest KOHLER engine without the added expense of altering their equipment design to accommodate a new engine. This is facilitated by Kohler’s exclusive self-contained EFI design, which features only one fuel line rather than an additional return fuel line. The fuel module, electronic control unit and sensors are also all engine-mounted.

Long used in the automotive industry, when Kohler introduced EFI technology to the small engine market over a decade ago, EFI was an option on select air- and liquid-cooled models, which carried a higher price tag over carbureted models. Since those pioneering days, Kohler Engines has improved upon its EFI technology and integration techniques, now delivering the benefits of EFI across multiple horsepower levels at an extremely competitive price.   

About Kohler Global Power Group
Providing dependable power solutions in the United States since the early 1920s, Kohler Co. has evolved its Global Power Group into a worldwide organization encompassing generators, engines and rental power. The Global Power Group is comprised of Kohler Power Systems, SDMO Industries, Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd (UPSL), Kohler Rental Power, as well as Kohler Engines and Lombardini, Srl.
Kohler Power Systems is a global manufacturer of power generation equipment for residential, industrial, mobile and marine applications, with a power output range of 3.5 kW to 3250 kW. Based in France, SDMO Industries delivers energy solutions — industrial generators up to 2,800 kW, as well as portable generators —  for markets in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Combined, SDMO and Kohler Power Systems create the world’s third-largest generator (gaseous-, petrol- and diesel-powered) manufacturer. Kohler also offers automatic transfer switches, switchgear, monitoring controls and accessories. UPSL is a leading uninterruptible power supply system, as well as power protection product and services provider for the United Kingdom.

Kohler Rental Power provides temporary power, HVAC, luxury restrooms, as well as complete planning, implementation and professional support to the industrial, commercial, disaster recovery and event markets throughout the United States.

Kohler Engines (kohlerengines.com), along with Italy-based Lombardini, represent a global engine concern in business since the 1920s. Together, Kohler Engines and Lombardini manufacture a wide range of gasoline and diesel engines, from 4 to 64.4 hp, which are supplied to equipment manufacturers worldwide in the lawn and garden, commercial and industrial, agricultural and construction markets.
About Kohler Co.
Founded in 1873 and headquartered in Kohler, Wis., Kohler Co. is one of America’s oldest and largest privately held companies. Kohler is a global leader in the manufacture of kitchen and bath products, engines and power generation systems, cabinetry, tile and home interiors, and international host to award-winning hospitality and world-class golf destinations.


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