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FACT SHEET: KOHLER® KDI Tier 4 Emission-Compliant Diesel Engine Line

October 2012

Engines are Tier 4 Final emission compliant without the use of a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) The components of the engines that work together to achieve Tier 4 Final emission compliance:

  o Direct injection system utilizing pressures at 2000 bar (29,000 PSI)
  o The Electronic Control Unit (ECU), with fuel mapping program to monitor and manage the 
      engine’s power output
  o Efficient turbocharger
  o 4 valve cylinder head with special combustion chamber design
  o Cooled, electronic exhaust gas recirculation (EGR)
  o Diesel oxygenated catalyst (DOC) Without a DPF, the engines have:
  o low cost of ownership
  o limited maintenance
  o compact sizing for equipment manufacturers
  o no heat management issues

Direct injection system saves more than $1,400 on fuel and $116 on oil per year when compared to indirect injection diesel engines with diesel particulate filters. Based on 1,000 hours of annual operation at $3.75/gallon of diesel fuel and $4.10/quart of oil.


SPECIFICATIONS                  KDI1903TCR                             KDI2504TCR
Fuel Injection                          2000 Bar Common Rail          2000 Bar Common Rail
Cylinders                                  3                                                  4
Displacement (cc)                  1861                                           2482
Bore (mm/in)                            88/3.46                                      88/3.46
Stroke (mm/in)                         102/4.02                                   102/4.02
Power (kW/hp)@rpm              42/56@2600                            55.4/74.3@2600
Max Torque(Nm/ft.lbs)@rpm 225/166@1500                       300/221.3@1500
Emissions                                TIER 4 Final                              TIER 4 Final


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