Maintenance Tips: Manuals and Maintenance
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Maintenance Schedules

Take Good Care of Your Engine

KOHLER engines are designed and built to deliver years of peak performance. To keep your engine running in top form, Kohler recommends regularly scheduled maintenance. The following required maintenance procedures should be performed at the frequency stated and should be included in any seasonal tune-up.

Command PRO Maintenance Schedules

Daily or Before Starting the Engine

Fill fuel tank
Check oil level
Check air cleaner for dirty, loose or damaged parts1
Check air intake screen, radiator and cooling areas; clean as necessary1


Check filter minder or air cleaner element (34 - 40 hp models only)

Every 25 Hours

Service precleaner element1

Every 200 Hours

Change oil filter
Check spark plug condition and gap


Every 100 Hours

Replace air cleaner element1
Change oil1
Remove cooling shrouds nad clean cooling areas1,3
Check oil cooler fins, clean as necessary (if equippped)


Every 200 Hours

34-40 hp models only
Check spark plug condition and gap

Seasonally or Every 150 Hours

For 34-40 hp models only
Check air cleaner element
Replace fuel filter
Change oil. Oil filter is recommended (more frequently under sever conditions)
Remove cooling shrouds and clean cooling areas1
Check oil cooler fins, clean as necessary

Every 250 Hours

Replace heavy-duty air cleaner element and check inner element1


Seasonally or Every 300 Hours

34-40 hp models only
Change oil filter
Replace air cleaner element

Annually or Every 500 hours

Have soleniod shift starter disassembeled and cleaned2
Have bendix starter drive serviced2
ave crankshaft splines lubricated2 (34-40 hp only)

Every 500 Hours

Have crankshaft spline lubricated2

Every 600 Hours

34-40 hp models only
Replace inner air cleaner element
Replace spark plugs

Every 1500 Hours

Replace fuel filter1 (EFI Engines)


1If equipment is used under extremely dusty or dirty conditions, perform these maintenance procedures more frequently.
2Have a KOHLER dealer perform this service.
3Cleanout kits 25 755 20-s (black) or 25 755 21-s (gold) allow cooling areas to be cleaned without removing shrouds.